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My name is Simon Cripps and a warm welcome to my stonemasonry site dedicated to anyone interested in learning stonemasonry techniques for building and garden landscaping.

Whether you are brand new to stonemasonry or an experienced stonemason, there is something for you at Do-It-Yourself Stonemasonry.

Secrets of the Stonemason’s Craft Revealed  

Stonemasonry is a craft that has played a major role in the construction of dwellings, landscapes, places of worship and sculptures since ancient times.

The craft has developed over thousands of years achieving amazing feats of construction using the stonemasons knowledge of sacred geometry and cutting, carving and building techniques.  Although there has been a resurgence in the use of stone in construction, the craft of  ‘Stonemasonry’  is often referred to as a ‘dying art.’

We are dedicated to gaining more knowledge about the craft, practicing through design, geometry, carving and construction and passing this knowledge on through teaching and workshops. Our passion and goal is to keep this craft of stonemasonry alive.

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Take care, have fun and Happy Stonemasoning.